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Travel Trailer Ground

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May 10, 2012
Upstate NY
In a lot model travel trailer with an oversize extention cord for power where should I ground to? Where the trailer plugs into a box outside or the breaker panel inside.Setting up an antenna on a 15 ft pole for the winter.Going to put a few ground rods in but how should I ground inside ?
Jul 27, 2005
Point Nemo.
Depends on how they did the electrical install.

Grounding to the electrical ground is not the correct way.

If I recall my NEC correctly and how it applies to mobile homes, there should be a ground rod nearby. The trailer frame should be grounded to that, as well as the electrical ground.

Ideally, installing a new ground rod for your antenna and bonding that to the existing ground rod would be the way to go.

If the trailer is set up with just a temporary power cord, you might need to get a professional involved.

Off the record, if it was me in this situation, I'd probably drive a new 8 foot ground rod, bond that to the trailer frame and my antenna. But like I said, off the record...
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