Trunking Recorder 2.5.2899 released

Jan 30, 2010
Trunking Recorder 2.5.2899 has been released.
It can be downloaded from

The new version contains the following changes:
  • Call recorded email notifications, Trunking Recorder will send an email when a specific Talkgroup is recorded. It can attach the call audio file or supply a link to the Trunking Recorder web interface. See Trunking Recorder - Recording audio from trunked radio systems monitored by Unitrunker for more info.
  • Inactive call email notifications, Trunking Recorder can send an email if no calls are recorded after a specified number of minutes. Useful if Unitrunker stops monitoring for some reason.
  • Second audio stream, Trunking Recorder now allows for two independent audio streams. Can use this to have a private stream with all Talkgroups and public one with only a few. Could also be used to have police on one and fire/ems on the second.
  • Call stream MetaData can be written to text file for use with third-party audio streaming application (RadioFeed)
  • Streaming audio can be delayed for a specified number of minutes. Useful for public feeds where you don’t want people to be able to use the audio in real-time.
  • Various improvements to decrease web interface loading time.
  • Added "call type" search option.
  • Requires .Net 4.6.1 and only supports Windows 7 and newer.
  • Added feature to handle calls where Unitrunker v2 “parks” and then “continues” the call in rapid succession (Would cause multiple calls with a missing SourceID).
  • Detect duplicate calls on multiple VFOs. Call on original VFO will no longer be recorded, call will now recorded on new VFO.
  • Trunking Recorder will now purge the "Talkgroups" and "radio users" search list when there are no longer any matching recorded calls in the system.
  • Web interface date and time formatting now uses server region settings.
  • Added "webadmin" screen to web interface, allows admin to see who is currently connected, last files downloaded, and calls in the streaming queues. Enable on "Webserver" tab on the Configure menu.
  • Added option to set which columns are displayed by default on web interface.
  • Added option to allow recording purge run time to be changed.
  • Added IPv6 support to web interface.
  • Updated various libraries used.
Feb 22, 2014
  • Added option to allow recording purge run time to be changed.
Thank you, it works great! Months of old recordings were purged today.


Premium Subscriber
Nov 12, 2012
Lakewood, CO.
OMG, this is a huge update!!

Thank you so much for the continued development and for adding so many useful new features.

I love Trunking Recorder - combined with Unitrunker, it really makes SDR scanning fun.