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trying to find name of movie

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Feb 10, 2007
hello all i think this will be tough. this movie i think in the 70"s maybe 60"s not really sure though. i thought it was with art carney but i looked up all his movies any nothing really comes out at me. it was based in an apartment, i thing like retired folks they were fairly old including who i thought was carney? any way theres a young black guy who goes around breaking into the older folks apartments, stealing ,vandalising and sometimes doing harm to the people, they try to fend for themselves but just cant, i think the cops came but could never catch this guy. carney? tries diffrent things to catch this guy finaly he makes like a pair of cuffs that go on both hands and when he catches the guy he wraps his hands around hin and these cuffs lock together holding the thug , till he can get some help. anyway he does get taken away by the cops and just when the people think there safe, theres a younger black kid , outside the apartments looking up kinda like banging his fists toghether and chanting something so the whole thing starts all over again. this may not be enough info, i hope it is can anyone help me with the name of this movie, im going crazy trying to find out. thanks for anyones help
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