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Two audio sources on a single feed L/R

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Sep 27, 2002
Fredericksburg, VA
I have been experimenting for some time with the P25 system setups for the clearest audio for VA STARS, Spotsylvania and Stafford/Fredericksburg. I have been using a 996P2 and a couple BCD396XLT's. By setups, I mean the P25 threshold, mode and level. Programs used were Proscan and FreeScan with Freescan being the easiest to work with making changes. Antenna changes have been from simple verticals, a tight UHF beam both w/wo 10db preamps and a Diamond Discone w/wo a preamp.

VA STARS P1 test with the discone w/o a preamp has been the easiest and I ended up back with the Auto 8. My primary sites are Thornburg and Dumfries with some Fork Mountain. The antenna is at 20' in my attic. I live in a retirement community with no outside antennas allowed.

I have the two P25 P2 systems on one BCD396XLT with best audio using a small RS 800mhz bnc. Today I settled on Manual 8 for the setup with their clearest audio. It is sitting at 20'. I am not buying any more scanners until some enhanced performance P25 P2 scanners have been released.

I have been thinking about going with a dual audio feed with STARS on one side and the P2 audio on the other side, but I have never used a dual feed.

Does anyone have any experience or comments on a dual feed? I have researched it and it seems simple but I can see where it could be a pain.

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