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TwoToneDetect71 Released

Aug 27, 2005
Hello everyone. I've posted v71 of TwoToneDetect on the website. Instructions for downloading a version for the Pi can be found on that page. Some pretty big changes with this version, so please test thoroughly before deploying for regular use and please provide feedback. Many thanks to DC31 for helping extensively with testing. I'm sure we haven't caught all bugs yet though. Here's a summary of the changes:
  • Changed GUI to be HTML based. TwoToneDetect acts as a web server to display the GUI.
    • Tones Editor functionality is built into the main program GUI and is no longer a standalone program.
    • Remote access to the TwoToneDetect GUI via web browser on a LAN is supported, including on “headless” devices such as a Raspberry Pi running a non-GUI operating system (“Lite” OS).
    • The default port for remote access via web browser is 8080 but this can be changed in the configuration settings.
    • The option to start minimized (start_minimized) has been replaced with an option to start headless (start_headless). When TwoToneDetect is started in “headless mode”, the GUI will not be visible on the desktop but the program will be running and the GUI can be accessed via web browser by browsing to index.html at the IP address of the computer that TwoToneDetect is running on and the appropriate port. For example:
  • Added ability to use twotonedetect.net for audio file hosting. A hyperlink to the file in the body of the message can be used with SMS notifications (to avoid MMS), push notifications, or email.
  • Variable substitution added to alert_command in addition to post_email_command for [mp3], [amr], [wav] and [t] tags ([d] tag had already been implemented)
  • Push notifications will be sent with the text from the “Email Body” in the message
  • /log/heartbeat.log file is written with an updated timestamp once per minute to allow external scripts to check responsiveness.
  • Added option to send a copy of the email to the sending address when using the BCC option. Some users have said that this reduces blockage by spam filters.
  • Changed behavior of ignore_after parameter to start timer after recording has stopped. Duplicate tones will always be ignored while a recording for that tone is active regardless of the ignore_after setting.
  • Changed processing of stacked tones so that only a single audio recording thread is used to reduce processor load. Recording time is now automatically extended during stacked tones. Audio files are copied for each tone in the stacked page after recording.
  • Changed FTP file upload for stacked tones so that a single FTP connection is used to upload all files in the stacked sequence.
  • Added ability to specify a path on the FTP server to upload to (using the upload_ftp_remote_path parameter in config.cfg) rather than being limited to the root directory that is logged into. For example, use /audio/ to upload to an audio subdirectory.
  • Program automatically removes audio files older than 15 days old to reduce storage
  • “dummy” ffmpeg file no longer needed when running on Raspi
The new audio file hosting service is a "we'll see how it goes" thing right now. If it performs well, I may look into offering things like push notifications through a TTD mobile app or something similar at some point in the future. The portion of the web site to create a username and API key is functional but ugly. Hopefully it'll improve over time. Many ideas, not much free time.

As always, let me me know of any problems.




Premium Subscriber
Aug 6, 2011
Center Harbor,NH
Just installed today and received the first page and it worked as expected. Now waiting for the first stacked page.
I really like really that everything I need is accessible from the one HTML page, excellent work!!!

Thank you


Premium Subscriber
Feb 19, 2011
Wouldn't one be able to delete the old EXE and replace it with the new one?
Version71 is a major rewrite of the program. There are several other files included in the .zip download that support the new web interface. Move your tones.cfg and config.cfg over to the new folder rather than moving the .exe to the old folder.
Mar 17, 2003
Owensboro, KY (Daviess County)
Version71 is a major rewrite of the program. There are several other files included in the .zip download that support the new web interface. Move your tones.cfg and config.cfg over to the new folder rather than moving the .exe to the old folder.
Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense now. I'm a new user who just started out with the current version. It works great and I appreciate all of the time and effort you've put into it.

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