TYT MD-UV380 channel select issues

Aug 18, 2018
Manassas, Va
First of all, I'm a DMR/MD-UV380 newbie. After programming 10 channels into the radio, I find that I can only access the first 3 with the Channel Select knob on top. What gives??
Jul 13, 2004
Burlington County, NJ
Accessing channels is done through zone lists. The up/down arrow keys selects the zone list; the knob atop the radio selects the channels within each zone list.

You can place up to 32 channels in a zone list. With two VFOs, you theoretically could have 64 channels in a zone list if you have an equal number of UHF and VHF entries.

Let's back up. Construction of a code plug: contacts > channels > zone lists.

I suggest you read Amateur radio: DMR - 3 as an overview of a codeplug.

A second article to read: https://www.jeffreykopcak.com/category/amateur-radio/dmr-in-amateur-radio/

I suggest you download a sample codeplug and look at its organization. I have some links to 9 sample codeplug sites at Amateur Radio but note the the MD-UV380 file structure is NOT the same as an MD-380.

If you opt to look at an MD-380 codeplug, you can make a structural conversion to the MD-UV380 file format by using the N0GSG DMR Contact Manager Support Page software. Be sure to read the PDF user manual first.

I have an MD-UV380. Perhaps the other notes and links will give you a jump start. Hope this helps.
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