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Uintah Basin 800 Mhz Repeaters

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Jul 7, 2009
Northeastern Utah
Due to the recent talk of Northeastern Utah i thought this might be of interest to some. Below is a list of what i can confirm as active 800 mhz repeaters from my location about 60 miles west of vernal.

Itac 3 - 852.5125 Bruin Point (Simulcast of Steamboat & Bruin VHF)
State Repeater 1 - 853.4000 McCook Ridge (Book Cliffs) Uintah County,Vernal PD, Naples PD, UHP (Simulcast of Little Mtn. East)
UCAN Tabby Mtn. - 852.575 (Summit & Wasatch Dispatch)

These are the only repeaters that i have heard from my location. Looking at the information that i have there is a chance that Sate 3 - 853.7625 might be active if it is i would guess that i would be a simulcast of Daggett County since there is a VHF repeater at the same sight that i used by Daggett County & UHP however with this site being on the North Slope on the Uintah's north of vernal i can not hear it from my location. If i go traveling i will take a radio or scanner with 800 mhz capability with me and see if i can confirm East Park & Possibly ITAC 2 on Grizzly Ridge (also on the north slope unable to hear from my location)

Northeastern Utah
Not open for further replies.