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Ultimate Portable Scanner Kit - MK9

Jul 2, 2012
This case is one that I have had for a few months, it has been used in a few different ways. Firstly, it was used with my ultralight radios and then for storage at home. It was purchased from Super Cheap Auto for $12.

More often these days I am carrying my radios with me, due to this I wanted to provide the best possible protection for them. Last night I had some spare time so I sat down and set up this case. The main thing was making sure my Uniden UBC126AT was protected the best way possible. I took a piece of foam and wrapped this around my radio scanner, I then taped this together, wrapping my scanner up with a great level of protecting around it, I then cut this to the correct height for this case. I added some thinner foam to the bottom of this. I then installed this in to the case with some doubled sided tape on the bottom and back, the front is secured with some tape to hold it in place. This also helps to protect the other bits and pieces I have in the radio case.

One issue I have had with previous cases has been a way to hold my scanner while it is in use, to do this I have added a small piece of metal to the handle, as can be seen in the photos this folds up and holds my scanner via the belt clip.

Overall, I am very pleased with how well this case has worked out, I am able to carry and store my Uniden UBC126AT scanner, another multiband radio plus log sheets, pens, spare batteries, chargers and programming cable plus a couple of aerials standing up behind the foam and my ear phones, everything I need for a portable session. It is also small enough to fit in my back pack. While this case was designed for my radio scanner kit, the same ideas could be used for other areas of the radio hobby.

Photos can be seen here: Launceston Analytical Radio Scanning: Ultimate Portable Scanner Kit - MK9