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Uniden BCD996XT Listening Issue

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Jan 2, 2014
Received my 996 the other day - it was preprogrammed to my county and I can pick up tons of Police, EMS, City, HAM, etc conversations. It seems to pick up a great deal of signals that I am interested in.. and for the most part I hear them loud and clear, except that every two seconds or so, on the dot, the volume cuts out for about a half second, and it becomes impossible to follow what is going on. It is like clockwork, and it happens on every system/frequency. I am using the included antenna & wall wart. I have tried adjusting the squelch, and moving the scanner to a different location.

I am hopeful that I am overlooking something easy.. maybe it is simply a setting that I can change - any ideas on what could be happening?


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Dec 5, 2013

Check the weather priority, that is likely your issue if you don't have a priority channel set. The weather priority being on mimics what you are reporting.
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