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Uniden BCD996XT: Volatile or Non-Volatile Memory?

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Nov 7, 2011
Selden, New York
In regard to the Uniden BCD996XT memory. I have a Radio Shack Pro-2039 scanner which was annoying if you cut your power to the unit, it would Wipe Out the frequencies in it's memory. I wondering if the same is true for the BCD996XT?
The other question, is I see in the upper right hand corner of the Display is a Battery Charging Icon.
Is there an Internal Battery for it's memory? If so, I didn't see any access panels to access a battery?
Since programming is going to be an issue, I don't want to see the programmed items be wiped out due
to a battery issue. Anyone know?
Sep 30, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
Its definitely non-volatile. Anything you program is permanent and resists power cycles and power disconnects until you delete it.

This unit has no battery. Its hand held equivilent BCD396XT does. There is no battery indicator on the display. Are you speaking of the signal strength bar graph?

Doing a little more reading on the link below its most likely due to not having the latest firmware and a bug in the 1.04.xx firmware. Latest firmware is 1.07.03

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