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Unidentified Bc125AT handheld scanner (how to change banks/channels)

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Sep 18, 2016
Please consider me the beginner of beginners. I have a Bc125AT and used their software to input and save some police frequencies. Now the big question...... How do I change banks/channels so I can just go to 1 specific channel within a bank to listen to? I don't want to scan for traffic to listen to. I want to go to 1 channel if something is going on that I want to monitor. Sorry if this is a repeated question but I'm posting this via my smartphone and it's a bit hard to navigate forums on a smartphone. Thanks in advance


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Apr 19, 2004
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From page 46 of the manual:

Manually selecting a channel

You can continuously monitor a single channel without
scanning. This is useful if you hear an emergency broadcast on a
channel or if you want to monitor a specific channel.
1. To manually select a channel, press Hold and enter the channel number.
2. Press Hold again.
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