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Unitrunker -- getTrsTalkgroups.xml file is empty

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Jan 1, 2010
Alvin, Texas
My Unitrunker has developed an unusual problem.
For some reason the getTrsTalkgroups.xml file has stopped populating.
It consistently shows a file size of 0 even after attempts to download
from Radio Reference.

I am using Windows 10 and Unitrunker version

There is one and only one Unitrunker folder on my machine.
My path name on the Options tab points to this folder.
There is one and only one instance of Uniform.exe and Configure.xml.
I am not using any shortcuts, I execute Uniform.exe directly from
the Unitrunker folder.

Even after attempting to download from Radio Reference the
getTrsTalkgroups.xml still comes up empty each time.

I have tried deleting all 4 of the "getTrs" type files and restarting
Unitrunker and also downloading from RR again. Nothing works.

I do not know what else I need to check.



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