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UPDATE: Completed Listening Post


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Oct 11, 2012
Beaumont, Texas
It's been Wednesday, November 21 of last year since I posted my last update. Well, since my last update, I got another scanner for Christmas! I got the Whistler WS1065 and replaced my Uniden BC355C. Recently, I also purchased a coupler and 3’ BNC to BNC male cable from ScannerMaster, and I purchased a "MaxxTenna" from eBay. In the second photo, you should find two antennas suspended from the ceiling. The one on the right is the Nomad antenna, which was purchased back in 2013 (if I’m not mistaken). This one is coupled to my Pro-197 and my WS1065. The other is the MaxxTenna, which is coupled to the BC785D and the Pro-2096.

If you want to purchase items mentioned in this post: