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US DOD SE Region system

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Jul 14, 2008
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Wow!!, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that I have been out of the game way too long when it comes to monitoring the US DOD SE Region system. So much has changed and so many new talkgroups on the Kings Bay site its unreal. I was wondering if anyone in the group could help me out here, I am mainly focused on monitoring Kings Bay Fire and Emergency Services (KBFES) in Kings Bay, GA , it seems their past primary TG 28557 is no longer in use and every DOD Fire Department in the SE Region is clustered on TG 29901 and a couple other TG's I discovered this morning. If anyone could share what the new TG's are that KBFES utilizes, and possibly any other TG's of interest or confirmed usage would be much appreciated. Also the unit call signs have seemed to have changed quite a bit, does anyone know what the new Kings Bay callsigns for the units are as well. I saw on their Facebook page that one of their engines is 1322?, so I am assuming they have 13XX numbers now?. If someone could get me up to speed on this matter I would really appreciate it, perhaps any Northeast FL monitors in the Jax area could help?.
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