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USA & Canada Nation wide Fox Hunt on the HF bands.

May 29, 2012
Would anyone have an interest in a USA & Canada Nation wide 40 Meter Fox Hunt?
I have not herd of anyone put on something like this in such a large scale.
I’m looking to see if there would be any interest in such a thing if I were able to set one up.
Of course I would get sponsorship's for prizes and coordinate it with them. That’s the hard part since it would be a remote location.
I would need to figure out how it would work since the distance would be so large. I would need to make it as even of a playing field as I could. I was thinking that the hunt would probably last for at least a week or so to give people the chance to find the Fox.
I was thinking it could be based on an average travel speed and time basis. Just like we do for rally racing and the Baja 1000.
It would probably take about 2 years or more to set it up and find a location.
Prizes could be for things like fastest average speed, furthest distance traveled, first and last to arrive and many more depending on the sponsorship's.
I know most of the Fox Hunts are done in the higher frequencies because of antenna size but this would push you take on the challenge.
So would anyone like to do something like this, or is it just to big of an idea?
If so, please chime in and start putting up suggestions.
Like I said, I’m just exploring this at the moment and it’s a long way off. It will take me hundreds of man hours to set up. But it could be fun for everyone and give you a reason to go camping and take that long over due vacation.
I will find the perfect remote location that could hold a huge amount of RVs and campers where you do not need to worry getting stuck or lost to bad.