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Utah Mil Air Database

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Dec 14, 2007
Woods Cross, UT
I'm trying to organize scan lists and start monitoring Mil Air activity. I'm very familiar with VHF Civil Air Frequencies, but not so much VHF and UHF military air frequencies. So I'm very reliant on the current RR database.

In the database I've noticed there are numerous entries with conflicting tags and descriptions. Any comments/suggestions would be nice, so I can clean up my scan lists and tags with information that makes sense. If there is a consensus here, it would also be nice to submit changes to the database so the duplicate frequency information is consistent with itself.

The list follows. In each pair the first entry comes from the Utah Military, Utah Test and Training Range subcategory. The second entry comes from the Utah Military, Military Air Frequencies subcategories.
141.60000  M	UTTR A-A 18 Air to Air 	                      
141.60000  M	F-16 Air 12 Air to Air Ops - 388TFW/34TFS

226.00000  BM	UTTR 01 UTTR                                                
226.00000  BM	Range Clover Range Control Operations - Clover 

229.20000  BM	UTTR 02 UTTR 	                         
229.20000  BM	Range Ctr 1 Range Control Operations 

233.40000  BM	UTTR CLOVER	CLOVER Misc. 	                            
233.40000  BM	Range CtrMOA	Range Control Operations - Sevier MOA

239.90000  BM	UTTR 03 UTTR 	                       
239.90000  BM	Tac Training Tactical Training 	

266.30000  BM	UTTR 04 UTTR 	                                                           
266.30000  BM	Range ALCM Range Control Operations - ALCM Comms 

269.90000  BM	UTTR 05 UTTR 	                                       
269.90000  BM	Maint AFLC Maintenance Operations - AFLC 

271.10000  BM	UTTR 06 UTTR 	                                                     
271.10000  BM	Range ClovrS Range Control Operations - Clover South 

275.90000  BM	UTTR 07 UTTR 	                            
275.90000  BM	Range Ctr 2 Range Control Operations 

287.00000  BM	UTTR 08 UTTR 	                                                       
287.00000  BM	Range ClovrN Range Control Operations - Clover North 

298.60000  BM	UTTR 09 UTTR 	                                                                  
298.60000  BM	Range ClovRN Range Control Operations - Clover Range LL North

301.70000  BM	UTTR 10 UTTR 	                                                             
301.70000  BM	Range ClovRS Range Control Operations - Clover Range South

311.30000  BM	UTTR 11 UTTR 	                                                   
311.30000  BM	Range ClovrG Range Control Operations - Clover GCI

315.90000  BM	UTTR 12 UTTR 	                            
315.90000  BM	Range Ctr 5 Range Control Operations

324.70000  BM	UTTR RangeCt Range Control Operations 	                                  
324.70000  BM	Range Bomb Range Control Operations - Bomb Range TOC Wildcat 	

327.40000  BM	UTTR 13 UTTR 	                                                               
327.40000  BM	Misc. Net Ln Misc. Net - Airborne Launch Control System

327.60000  BM	UTTR A-G Com Air to Ground Communications 
327.60000  BM	Range Ctr 7 Range Control Operations 	     

339.00000  BM	UTTR 14 UTTR 	     
339.00000  BM	UTR Clover	UTR Range Control Primary - Clover

344.90000  BM	UTTR 15	UTTR
344.90000  BM	Range R-6404	Range Control - R-6404

351.00000  BM	UTTR 16 UTTR
351.00000  BM	Range Eagl Range Control - Eagle Weapons Range

354.40000  BM	UTTR 17 UTTR
354.40000  BM	Range Ctr 8 Range Control Operations

363.50000  BM	UTTR 18 UTTR
363.50000  BM	Refuel ATC 2 Refueling Operations Exit Contact ATC AR648-B

375.90000  BM	UTTR 19 UTTR
375.90000  BM	Eagle Range Eagle Range Control "Craner"

383.20000  BM	UTTR 20 UTTR
383.20000  BM	Range Ctr 10 Range Control Operations

384.70000  BM	UTTR 21 UTTR
384.70000  BM	Range Ctr 11 Range Control Operations

388.10000  BM	UTTR 22 UTTR
388.10000  BM	Range Ctr 12 Range Control Operations

398.10000  BM	UTTR 23 UTTR
398.10000  BM	Range 299CS Range Control Ops - 299CS


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Sep 17, 2004
Moab, Utah
Has anyone monitored the military air band enough to know if Hill AFB uses AM exclusively or a mix of AM & FM? Has anyone heard from gldavis lately?


Feb 1, 2004
I haven't monitored Utah, though I suppose next time I'm on a Nevada mountain top I should give it a try.

Generally speaking, all aviation is AM except for low band, which is FM. CAP is FM IIRC, but I haven't monitored CAP in a long time. The military aviation lowband is usually A-10s, but that might just be a function of where I have monitored.

I went through what official documents (as opposed to what people post on the internet) I have for the UTTR and came up with this:
Clover Control 134.1 363.5
KDPG CTAF 126.2 270.3
REMARKS - MISC -Ctc CLOVER CON DSN 777-7575, C801-777-7575. All acft opr
on UTTR must sked thru 388 RANS/DOOS DSN 777-4401, C801-777-4401.
COMMUNICATIONS - CON- Opr 1400-0700Z++ Mon-Thu, 1400-0100Z++ Fri,
1500-0000Z++ Sat, exc hol. (R) (E) (118.45 282.375 285.65 VFR/IFR svc in R6404A, B, C,
Lucin MOA) (134.1 363.5 316.05 VFR/IFR svc in R6402A, B, DPG, R6405, R6406A, B, R6407,
Sevier MOA, Gandy MOA, Gandy ATCAA, AR642E, W, AR659.) H-3C-D, L-9C-11C
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD -139.3 371.95 ATIS -134.925 397.9
SALT LAKE CITY APP - (R) (E) 121.1 124.9 126.0 126.8 135.5 257.875 290.3 307.2 316.15
316.7 319.25 REMARKS: Class B Airspace TWR - (E) 127.15 263.15 251.05
GND -121.6 275.8 SALT LAKE CITY DEP - (R) (E) 121.1 124.9 126.8 290.3 319.25
REMARKS: 381.2 CLNC DEL -124.1 335.8 COMD POST -381.3 REMARKS:
ACC-RAYMOND 23, others CONVOY. PMSV METRO -Avbl 1200Z++ Mon - 2300Z++ Fri,
clsd wkend. 342.3 REMARKS: Unuse 010°-100° byd 20 NM blw FL 200, 101°-150° byd 25
NM blw 15,000'. Wx obsn not fully rpt 120°-260°. Ceil and vis are freq lower on the N end
of the rwy. KDMA AFB is the hub for WX info DSN 228-7647.
COMMUNICATIONS - CTAF -126.2 270.3 CLOVER CON SOUTH -134.1 363.5
FIRE STATION - (E) 126.2R DUGWAY RANGE CON -36.1 126.2 270.0
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