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Jun 27, 2009
Garden Valley Idaho
What makes it hard, is I am a one man band up here. Once we devote a scanner to online streaming you need another scanner to listen/scan around the frequencies in order to pick up on anything new or any changes. I have a couple other scanners but just don’t have the time to mess with them. Box Elder County is about 5,746 sq. miles. The western side of the county is very remote, the only enforcement you may see is a State/BLM/Government rig drive by once a week. The county sheriff don’t even go out there unless they get called for something.
That’s where some help from others comes into play---- Years ago when scanners where easy to get up and running, anyone could turn one on and hear something, we had people interested. However, now you have to be an electrical genius (not really-just saying) in order to get it up and running. This alone will eliminate about 90% of anyone over 60 years old—this is too bad because these are the folks that could really help as they have lots of time on their hands.


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
UtahRadio wiki is down?

It would appear that the UtahRadio wiki site is kaput. Hopefully this won't be permanent, but if it is, there is at least 1 thing that was hosted on that wiki that is valuable to a lot more than Utah folks, and that is the Win500 Guide.

If someone were to go ahead and use a backup, the code could be hosted on our wiki very easily. Lots of folks have probably used that guide, and it's much too valuable to be lost due to a lack of interest, which happens all too often.

We have a few other such guides in our wiki already, so it's not at all like it would be out of place.



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Dec 11, 2011
Ogden, UT.

Thanks for catching and sharing the utahradio.org being interrupted. When trying to visit the site it does come up with a forwarded website so the domain is still valid. The owner seems to be upgrading the site.

You are right about the guide for Win500 - it is a very helpful for programming a number of scanners - especially the trunking ones.