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Vendor claims District 15 wasted money on Motorola two-way radio deal

Apr 30, 2008
pittsboro in / mesa az
Vendor claims District 15 wasted money on Motorola two-way radio deal

District 15 Superintendent Scott Thompson said the potential cost savings is "not worth anything in a crisis if the radios aren't working."
"It really was our first responders that said, 'We don't want to have to grab a radio in a moment of crisis and have to learn how to use it. We're already familiar with Motorola radios,'" Thompson said.

Let's see, where those Hytera or Motorola radios that didn't work during the Douglas high school murders in Parkland? Or during the FLL airport shooting the year before? Or during the I35 bridge collapse?
Feb 1, 2010
Tampa, FL
Valid point of view from the users, but the user interface is rarely considered in a major system overhaul. Typically, the user interface is an after-the-fact consideration that shows itself when the Manager/Executive designed interface fails. The counter argument to that is the users are given standardized training and are expected to use those radios daily for routine traffic, which then becomes muscle memory during an incident. Said a different way; If a major event is the reason you first turn on your radio, then you are already behind the curve. TT
Jul 27, 2005
Point Nemo.
There are purchasing rules that usually apply to government agencies that are supposed to prevent or greatly limit single sources like this. Some agencies ignore it, some find loopholes, and large manufacturers are happy to play along.

And I agree, some of the justifications for needing a specific brand are pure unadulterated B.S.
Aug 16, 2016
My take away is some Hytera dealer is butt hurt because the school district bought MSI on state contract pricing. Too bad, so sad, that's how it works. No laws were broken. They wanted Motorola, they got it.
As I understand it, they don't get to 'want' anything. It's all about the lowest bidder, which was the Hytera vendor. The choice to use Motorola was in violation of their policy.
Jul 12, 2008
Cobb County, GA Stadium Crime Zone
As I understand it, they don't get to 'want' anything. It's all about the lowest bidder, which was the Hytera vendor. The choice to use Motorola was in violation of their policy.
The article states they were allowed to buy on state contract.

"State law allowed the district to seek a specific brand without a bidding process mandating the lowest price wins."

Agnecy/department policy is not law nor does it trump state law allowing purchasing/procurements to go the way this one did.. At the end of the day, the article is spun on the cries of a vendor who lost a sale. Nothing to really see here. Don't like it? Get the state to change the law. Good luck with that. It's like this in just about every state in the nation. State bid can give contracts to more expensive vendors.