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Ventura County, CA to upgrade radio system

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Dec 27, 2001
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Transmit large files like MRI's between hospitals???!!! Ummm...since when is a radio network faster than the good ol'e internet for sending files?

Someone please give the guy the proper script to read to the media.
Nov 28, 2006
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when is RF faster than the internet? When you don't have a fiber ring to work with between locations..

You can easily sustain higher point to point speeds for applications between sites more securely for less money. We have recently installed some Trango wireless gear for a data backhaul from our Dispatch Center to our radio tower (main use is to send CAD calls to the Fire Department which is co-located with our tower and to get data to our RF gear for MDC's).

The cost of the Trango gear including installation was less than the cost of one month of fiber connectivity to the net.

I am also sure there are some HIPA rules that apply on the sending of medical imaging over the net which would cause slow internet speeds (okay not super slow)..

Will be fun to watch what they do in Ventura Co. , this field changes so fast it's fun to keep up with..
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