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Very new to digital

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Sep 12, 2011
Breckenridge, MI
Hey all, I am quite new to this digital system called MPSCS. I live in gratiot county, and have no idea on where to start with this new system. I been to pick up a digital scanner, preferably a handheld. What brand, and model works well in this area? I'm still stuck with a bc80 uniden. I'd enjoy to hear police talk again. Fire, and EMS still are on their original channel still though, but definitely need an upgrade. Help would be..... Helpful.


Wiki Admin Emeritus
Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Brandon, first off welcome.

Before we go any further here, please take a moment to put your location - county/state is fine - into your profile. To do this, go to the very top of the page where your ID appears; click on that, then select my profile on the left. Go about 2/3 of the way down to where you can put your location information.

This information is critical so that folks from your neck of the woods can jump in and help. This goes along with the abbreviation MPSCS - this is the Michigan statewide system, with an additional site in Ohio. Only someone with knowledge from that area might be able to discuss it in detail.

We have a dedicated Michigan forum where you can get lots of help, as well as a list of trunktrackers that would be compatible with hearing that system - however just to throw my 2 cents in, as you are somewhat new, I would definitely consider the GRE PSR-800 or Uniden Home Patrol. However let the locals, with their more specialized knowledge, guide you. Here are the links - always in blue - to our Michigan forum and well as the wiki article that lists the trunktrackers. To read about a particular model, simply click on the blue model number...

Michigan Radio Discussion Forum - The RadioReference.com Forums

Category:Digital Scanners - The RadioReference Wiki

I would also suggest bookmarking our online Glossary, which is also housed in our wiki. Scanners have evolved tremendously in the last few years, and just like any technical hobby, a new set of terms has evolved with it....

Just go to the blue toolbar on the right, float your mouse over Wiki then select Wiki Home. The link to the glossary, along with several other articles of interest, are in the purple 'Links for Newcomers' area on the right. Our wiki is the largest radio-related one in the world (AFAIK) and is our online research resource. Take some time to become familiar with it - with just under 6000 articles there's bound to be something there that will catch your attention.

best regards..Mike
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