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WA - Wash. Man Uses Lifesaving App, Saves Baby's Life

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Feb 8, 2012
"The story of the Spokane auto mechanic who raced to save a baby's life, thanks to a smartphone app, is making headlines across the country....

While first responders were being dispatched, two blocks away at Perfection Tire Jeff Olson, a mechanic and volunteer Deer Park EMT was working when his smartphone alerted him there was an incident nearby that required someone with CPR training. His smartphone alerted him thanks to an app he installed called PulsePoint.

“It sounded like an Amber Alert, you know how they come out and so I looked at it and it said CPR needed and it gave the address,” Olson said." -- EMSWorld.com

Wash. Man Uses Lifesaving App, Saves Baby's Life -- EMSWorld.com
Not open for further replies.