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Warren Township Rescue Squad Tones

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Sep 18, 2011

Does anyone happen to have the 2-Tones for the Warren Township Rescue Squad located in Somerset County? I cannot find them listed anywhere on the net or in these forums. John Burricelli KC2KZZ has listed the Warren Twp. Fire Department tones on his web site, but after speaking with him he does not have the ambulance tones. He listed the FD as Warren Twp. Fire 470.625 716.0 1344.0. He suggested I make this post in this forum. If anyone has this information it would be appreciated. I would like to program them into my scanner so I don't have to hear all the other transmissions on that frequency, just when the squad is toned or paged out. I have attempted to record them and use a program to attempt to figure it out, but the closest tones I could get were Tone 1st: 799.0 hz and 2nd Tone: 1130.0 hz if this is correct please advise. Any help would be appreciated since I am thinking about joining the rescue squad and I would like to listen to the actual toned out dispatch by the PD. Thank you in advance.


Jun 26, 2003
Brick Twp., New Jersey
Just a FYI, if you're using a Uniden scanner (I don't know if any others have the tone out feature) you can't scan and use the tone out feature at the same time. It's one or the other.
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