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Weld County Drill

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Jul 15, 2007
Fort Lupton, Colorado
I don't know if this is the same thing that Craig posted, but it seams pretty large. I'm not sure where its at, but they requested engine crews from Fredrick/Firestone, Mtn view, Fort Lupton, and Platville. They also requested an ambulance from Mtn view and a bit later from Weld paramedic 3. The thing that threw it off and made me think it was a drill, is when they were giving infomation to dispatch, they said the lady was out, but she was unsure if her kids had gotten out and when to school that morning. One other element to that is that they are using the Tri Area Ambulance CH for dispatch, Fire ground 11 for Tac. Sounds alot like a drill to me.
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