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Western New York Milair

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Sep 29, 2005
Hamilton, Ontario
Hi Folks
I will be moving to western NY and I am looking for a list of milair freqs for the area west of Syracuse to Buffalo and Lake Ontario. Anyone that can help thanks in advance.


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
You didn't say anything about your setup - a discone or scantenna mounted nice and high outdoors is a must, although given the weather in western NY this time of the year, that might be a tall order (pun intended). And of course, a milair capable scanner (not everything is...)

Anyway, I'd start by checking out the UHF freqs for the ARTCC centers in your area. They are indexed in the Wiki article below - certainly ZNY would be one, but I would suspect Cleveland might be the other, though I'm not entirely sure of that. Be sure to ignore the FAA listings (very dated) and use whatever follows. If you are using Ohio ARTCC sites, don't ignore the possibility of Ohio flights working over Lake Ontario...


I wouldn't also examine the various Ohio websites, and the Pa. Military monitoring Yahoo forum for overflights coming from that area...


I don't know of any mil bases in Western NY, but perhaps a little digging on this site, plus on NF2G's website might turn up something. A yell on the NY forum might be in order here.

73 Mike
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Jan 23, 2001
Rensselaer, NY
Just to expand on KA3JJZ's comment on ARTCC coverage.

Boston Center covers upstate NY to around Syracuse, where Cleveland Center takes over toward the west and New York Center toward the south.

You would also be in range of aircraft communicating with Toronto Center.

I would also recommend monitoring "standard" channels like 255.4 (Flight Service) and the old SAC 311.0 and 321.0 frequencies, along with whatever else you can find on my website.
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