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What all should I do to make sure my scantenna is performing 100%

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Apr 21, 2008
Fort Myers Florida
Hello. I just bought a scantenna from another member of this site. It's in mint condition. I just attached it to a metal pole and put it on the roof. It works great, but I need some help.

What about grounding. Do I just need to attach a cable from the bottom of the mast to a ground rod and I'm done?

How do I cut down on background noise?

What about an amplifier (Pre-amp)? What are they for? Do I need one?

I've been listening to 30-50 MHz these past couple of days due to the great conditions for skip here in South West Florida. I just heard a ham in Penn. talking to Ft. Myers, FL. The scantenna is working awesome, except for some static. I'd like to cut down on it so I can hear distant stations better. What else can I do to make sure its working 100%?

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Feb 19, 2005
NE Wisconsin
Couple general things to get you started...

1) Make sure you're using the best coax you can afford.
2) ALWAYS ground an outdoor antenna. It will dissipate static buildup that not only makes your antenna a target for lightning, but it can even damage your receiver if it is bad. It also has the added effect of lowering your noise floor. That means you will receive more signals and less noise.
3) Preamps don't always help because they amplify everything including the noise.
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