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What can I do better, looking to install a 100' 45G

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Aug 30, 2017

I live out on a farm, and am trying to get fixed wireless Internet to my property. Lots of trees, and poor line of sight.

I have a post hole auger on the back of the tractor, that can easily do 4 feet, more if I add on an extension.

I also have a ~100ft Rohn 45G that I picked up at auction. It looks to be in great shape, and I think all the hardware and guy lines are there too.

I was planning to auger down 4 feet or so, at 4 points, the base of the tower, and then each guy point. At the base, I'll put a pin in the centre, and drop the base plate onto that.

At each guy point, I'll bend a 12 foot piece of heavy rebar into a W shape, with the top centre of the W poking out of the hole a little bit, drop the rebar into the hole, fill the hole with concrete, so all that will show is the loop of rebar coming out of the concrete.

The post hole auger digs straight down, and we don't have wet or spongy soil. Think Montana.

Should I be digging down deeper? Should I try to dig the hole at an angle?

I only want to put my antenna on it for now, but the Internet outfit, is saying they might want to put some more of their antennas on it later, and send some cash into my farm for it, and get my neighbours on the system.


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Ditto to Cameron314 and the link to the Rohn specs. You also need to do a meticulous inspection of your auction-bought tower, especially at the connection points and the brace welds. If this tower was stored outside after being taken down, corrosion is almost certainly been at work (rust never sleeps!). Now is the time to inspect for it and address it.

What's your plan for getting it up? I'd recommend buying "Up the Tower" to get a full appreciation of what kind of job is in front of you.

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