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What City/Township/County/State Agencies Are Not Using ARMER?

Apr 29, 2006
As posted above, what city, township, county or state agencies are not using ARMER in your area? I think this topic has come up in the past, but it is often times interesting to learn about how things change over time. (Much like the recent discussion about Edina Fire VHF.)

ARMER is a great system, but not every entity is on it. If I recall correctly, there are some public works organizations that are not using it. In fact, given the weather the past couple of days, this might be a great time to listen and see who is using what in your area. Are there any highway departments that are on a conventional resources that are patched with an ARMER talkgroup?
Aug 13, 2011
Maplewood, Minnesota
I am in Ramsey county. Here are some frequencies that I hear activity NOT USING ARMER:
154.28 Mhz
464.475 Mhz
452.44 Mhz
154.845 Mhz
154.19 Mhz
467.925 Mhz
155.58 Mhz
461.55 Mhz
125.75 Mhz AM
453.4 Mhz
151.505 Mhz
151.625 Mhz
119.3 Mhz AM
152.00625 Mhz