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What the heck is with these watches, one knew about leap year, the other didn't?

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Feb 28, 2007
I have two watches made by the same company, in fact, they are the same watch just in different colors.

My main watch, when February 29th came around this year, it suddenly knew it, but neither watch, do you set the year at all in when you set the date, so I'm not positive how this watch knew it was the 29th.

Yet, the other watch, for some reason, has that today is Sunday but has the date a day in advanced as the 24th.

I think that the second watch just didn't had a glitch, like maybe the wrong date set to begin with or something. Who knows.

My question is, if you never set the year, how does the watch know it's a leap year? Does it just somehow go off of what day it is on February 28th? I know you don't set the year, I went through the set again just to double check, and it's only month and day.
Jan 16, 2007
Southeastern Virginia
RedPenguin said:
I doubt it, I re-read the manual again and even the manual doesn't mention programming in the year.

http://armitron.com/WatchPDFS/ArmitronGentsDigital.pdf - The First Manual I have a 40/6769BLU.
The watch somehow knew what year it was.

It would not be the first time a manual was wrong.

The only two possibilities are witchcraft or being able to set the year.

You already know what I think the answer is.


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Jan 5, 2008
Eastern Connecticut
The real question is, did the watch know what year it was?

Get a real watch.

Seiko "black monster"

under $200 that should easily cost twice that.
Built like a tank and no quartz:wink:

Easy to set (and reset in case of leap year sillyness) and pretty darn accurate. Just be cautious as I think the cost is so low because it is subsidized by watch manufactuers to snare you into the consuming and expensive hourology hobby:wink: :twisted:

I think I'll start a watch discussion on here :)
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