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Who is 453.275 p.l 85.4

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Mar 23, 2003
Bainbridge Island, WA
I am going through my Pro163 that I use for secondary communications monitoring . I have 453.275 with a p.l of 85.4 . I have it listed as Clallam county S.O But I don't thin that's right as the p.l tones don't match .
I am in the Winslow area of Bainbrige island as a point of reference. Any help would be appreciated!


Apr 22, 2012
Puget Sound
Here are the listings for that frequency in the state.

Page 1

Call Sign/Lease ID Name FRN Radio Service Status Expiration Date
1 KOM784 JEFFERSON, COUNTY OF 0001577964 PW Active 12/08/2023
2 KVF468 PORT TOWNSEND, CITY OF 0004521126 PW Active 10/19/2014
3 KVN623 CLALLAM COUNTY SHERIFF 0001578186 PW Active 01/26/2021
4 KXP589 Bellevue College 0001577261 PW Active 09/18/2015
5 WNFF982 Spokane Regional Emergency Communcation System 0019039833 PW Active 02/01/2021
6 WPJH912 CLALLAM, COUNTY OF 0001578186 PW Active 06/24/2021
7 WPKF652 THURSTON 9-1-1 COMMUNICATIONS 0020381349 PW Active 06/02/2015
8 WPPH956 ROYAL CITY, CITY OF 0011763919 PW Active 01/07/2015
9 WPZS625 JEFFERSON, COUNTY OF 0001577964 PW Active 03/04/2014
10 WQPW924 YAKIMA NATION 0021768502 PW Active 09/05/2022
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