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Why can't Yaesu?

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Dec 19, 2002
Fortunately, GA
Yaesu has made an outstanding 2m ht in the VX170. Audio is the best on a handheld since the mid-80's. You can actually see the display. Linking the banks is another great idea. Why, why, can't they make a dualband ht with the audio, and features of this radio? Don't even suggest the FT-60. If it had the audio the 170 has, I would never have sold it. I just wish that it had the receive that the 60 does. I don't always like to carry a scanner. Not everywhere I go has trunking. Yaesu needs to stop making toys, and make commercial style radios for the amateur op and for the discriminating people who use them to monitor a variety of frequencies. I would definitely purchase a radio with the features of the 170. Don't need a ton of bells and whistles. Just memory and a way to link the banks together;))
Not open for further replies.