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Williamson County Wreck w/ Extraction This Morning

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Apr 23, 2010
Hello all,

Wondering if anyone else was listening to the Williamson County Rescue and Gollege Grove Fire stream this morning. I saw a bunch of rescue vehicles headed eastbound on Peytonsville Rd at I-65 and tuned in. I never did catch a location though.

Sounded like a pretty large cohort of emergency vehicles arrived at the scene of a car accident. The dispatcher stated that LifeFlight was not available. Also overheard instructions for where rescue vehicles should park for the extraction.

Dropped the feed after that without realizing it.

Haven't heard anything on the news or been able to find more information.

Anyone know where this was exactly or have more details?


It is on Peytonsville Rd. One tow truck arrived, but a second is needed to 'cherry pick' the vehicle out of the culvert according to command.
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