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Working Structure Fire - Newark old Mervyn's / Circuit City Bldg

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Jan 2, 2010
Newark, CA USA
It's current, and they have located the source of the fire, and they are working it. There was talk of a possible homeless person inside the building.

There is access to the interior of the building, not sure which part.

Black smoke, multiple holes in the roof, and crews are being advised that the building has been vacant for the past few years.

There's a search group inside as well.

Flames through several spots in the roof coming from roofing material.


The homeless person is NOW out of the building, and there is NOT a rescue operation in progress now, just the working of the fire.

I can hear the a chainsaw type sound in the background.

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Jun 27, 2004
Newark, CA
I'm a complete Newbie to the Uniden Home Patrol1. I am seeking the freq to enter in as my favs. (I believe this is what i need to do. I have had the scanner a week now, and have picked up newark, but only twice. My old pro-93's used to chatter in Newark all the time! Any, and all help is greatly appreciated!
I hope I didnt place this post in the wrong area, please advise! Thanx again
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