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WSP Waukesha post

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Feb 10, 2008
Madison, Wisconsin
I am able to pick up the WSP Deforest, and, Tomah posts from the Deerfield, Baraboo, Blue Mound, and, the Milton towers as I am within range of these towers. I can also pick them up on Madison 800, and Madison VH. One day I programed in the frequencies for the Delafield tower,and, the TG for the WSP Waukesha post. (121). To my surprise I could pick them up even though I am well out of range of the Delafield tower. (About 60 miles). My setup is this: Attic mounted RS 20-176 antenna with a Scanner master 137-174 pre-amp mounted at the antenna base. About 75 ft. of RG-8 coax going to a PRO-652. My question is this: Why am I able to pick the Delafield tower when I am so far out of range of the Delafield tower? I can also pick up the Waukesha post on Madison 800, and, Madison VH. I admit that I am no electronic, or, radio expert. The received signal, from the Delafield tower, Madison 800, and Madison VH is strong and clear. Just curious If anyone knows why I can pick up the Delafield tower when I am so far out of range. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
Dec 19, 2002
It isn't RF magic...it's wide area trunking magic.

The talkgroup in question is either being asked to be pushed out on a local site due to affiliation, or the system admin has forced a talkgroup to be pushed out to X sites.

Also keep in mind that system control/voice channels are reused a few times in the state. I think there is a Rome channel that is also a Madison VH channel, so my 668 shows the wrong site name from time to time. No big deal.
Jan 11, 2004
While the scenario R8000 mentions is likely, WISCOM is a VHF system, and there's plenty of skip on VHF (not really a good thing).

In fact, there's a bunch going on right now:

VHF Propagation Map

Zoom in on Wisconsin; you can click the "blobs" to see the propagation paths.
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