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Old 01-24-2013, 3:20 PM
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Post SLC AC33 Talkgroups

So I have a few changes propose to some talkgroups after monitoring and running Unitrunker for the past few weeks:

Current: 53280 | d02 | A | SLI Ops Alph | Operations - Alpha | Public Works
Proposed: 53280 | d02 | A | SLI Ops 6A | Landside and Terminal Operations | Public Works
Discussion: Tango and Lima units use thse for comms and refer to the channel as 6A

Current: 53312 | d04 | A | SLI Buses B | Shuttle Buses B | Transportation
Proposed: 53312 | d04 | A | SLI Ops 6B | Shuttle Buses and Landside/Terminal Common | Transportation
Discussion: Bus drivers use this the most, but they do come over from their main channel (6C) and have discussions with Landside and Terminal agents who come over from 6A. Also heard are Landside and Terminal agents using it as an agent to agent channel.

Current: 53344 | d06 | A | SLI Buses A | Shuttle Buses A | Transportation
Proposed: 53344 | d06 | A | SLI Ops 6C | Shuttle Buses C | Transportation
Discussion: The bus drivers refer to this channel as C not A. In terms of referring to a prime operating channel, "A" could be used, but the channel assignment is 6C and referred to as "C" on the air.

Basically 6A is Landside and Terminal Ops main channel. They come down to 6B for agent to agent comms or agent to driver comms. And the bus drivers come up to 6B for driver to driver comms and driver to Landside agent comms. Bus driver main channel is 6C.

Current: 53568 | d14 | A | SLI Snowplow | Snowplows | Public Works
Proposed: 53568 | d14 | A | SLI Ops 5A | Snow Removal | Public Works
Discussion: Referred to by agents as 5A used primarily for main runway and taxiway snow removal. Used by more than just the snowplows - brooms, blowers, chemical trucks, etc.

New TG:
Proposed: 53600 | d16 | A | SLI Ops 5B | Snow Removal - Taxiways and Ramps | Public Works
Discussion: Used during the past few storms for snow removal on ramps and taxiways

Current: 53632 | d18 | A | SLI Perimetr | Perimeter/Wildlife Patrols | Public Works
Proposed: 53632 | d18 | A | SLI Ops 5C | Perimeter/Wildlife Patrols, Snow Removal | Public Works
Discussion: On non-snow days this is used by ops agents working wildlife, on snow days it's used by snow elements clearing major taxiways and runways.

New TG:
Proposed: 57024 | dec | A | SLC Loading Yard | SLC PW Loading Yard | Public Works
Discussion: Heard this new TG during the major storm in early January. It sounded like trucks pulling into the yard and loading salt and sand to spread on the streets. Anyone who has better info please chime in.
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Old 01-26-2013, 2:45 PM
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Question AC33

I made these changes, but should the last new TG go under the airport or the city?
Scanning Mountaintop to Mountaintop...
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Old 01-26-2013, 3:43 PM
bbrasmussen's Avatar
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Amateur Radio
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Woods Cross, UT
Posts: 138

Sorry, should've specified - the last one 57024 sounded like the trucks were working in the city somewhere, not the airport. So it should go under the city. Thanks.
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