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Old 02-04-2013, 7:45 PM
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Default Special Rebanding Bandplans

As we all know, rebanding is happening - in fits and spurts - nationwide. In most cases where the system is a Motorola analog or mixed mode system (with one or more of the frequencies having a '0' in the fourth position) you need to enter a custom table to make it trunk correctly.

Unfortunately, it would seem that a few systems here and there chose to configure their systems differently. These need a bandplan that is different than the standard one that is defined in our wiki. The Grundy county system in Illinois is a case in point.

Since it seems folks are beginning to run into these oddballs, I've added a section to the rebanding article called 'Special Rebanding Bandplans'. This section contains links to articles that have information on the new bandplan, and where applicable, which scanner(s) are impacted. So far there are only 3, but I expect that will change.

I would suggest that anyone that has such knowledge add their system to the list of systems in the rebanding article. In addition, in that system's article, add a section with the identical section name with as much information as you can provide. This provides both a logical and physical link between the rebanding article and the trunk system's article. Also be sure to add a category statement for 'Regional Programming' since these programming trick(s) tend to be applied to a specific system, not for every system in their respective state. You can see how to code this if you edit any of the 3 articles that are already logged. The more detail the better. If you don't know everything yet, don't let that hold you back. Put something in the article that says something to the effect that more information is solicited.

This makes sense since the rebanding article is already linked in the warning message in the database

Remember you can't really damage an article - the wiki takes automatic backups each time someone edits an article. It's a snap to restore if you really screw something up.

This will help both newcomers and old timers whose system(s) have changed to one of these screwy bandplans. At least it will be documented somewhere...Mike
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Old 02-06-2013, 9:15 AM
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Mike, although the rebanding of Motorola system may be happening at the same time, what happened in Grundy Co. is not a result of the rebanding, that is called a shuffled band plan and is used to attempt to keep rogue radios off the system. This has nothing to do with rebanding.
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Old 03-27-2013, 9:00 AM
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Originally Posted by loumaag View Post
Mike, although the rebanding of Motorola system may be happening at the same time, what happened in Grundy Co. is not a result of the rebanding, that is called a shuffled band plan and is used to attempt to keep rogue radios off the system. This has nothing to do with rebanding.
Based on Motorola documentation (below), I don't think there are any real "shuffled" systems - at least none we have heard about. Here's my take on Custom Band Plans.
I think Grundy county may be using the Negative (descending order) band plan.

There seem to be several variations of Custom Band Plans and even within the variations.
In Clackamas county, Oregon we have to reverse the order of entering Lines 1 & 2. We need to enter Line 2 first, then Line 1 or it will not track.

POSITIVE (ascending order), denoted by a plus sign.
Some scanners can use only positive polarity plans. The channels in those plans are in ascending order.

NEGATIVE (descending order), denoted by a minus sign.
As far as I know, only Uniden scanners can accept this type that places the channels in descending order.

SHUFFLED (random order).
If the Motorola description, below, is correct, and they are using the common definition of shuffle, then no scanners can follow a shuffled band plan.

4.7 Shuffled Band Plan (quote from Motorola documentation)
Radios that have been upgraded to be Rebanding capable are also capable of supporting the Shuffled Band Plan. The Shuffled band plan is intended to help prevent unauthorized system monitoring and access on Shuffled Band Plan enabled systems. Shuffled Band Plan shuffles all trunking numbered-channels allowed in the band plan.
Note that Shuffled Band Plan can only be enabled by the Rebanding Capable CPS program with an appropriate Advanced System Key per Trunking System. This feature is designed and implemented for Motorola 3600 Type II Trunking systems.
Dick H
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