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Nothing has been reported, you will likely be the FIRST One

I always recommend [outside of Close Call] and VHF Marine

457.5000, 457.5250, 457.5500, 457.5750, 457.6000, 457.6250
467.5000, 467.5250, 467.5500, 467.5750, 467.6000, 467.6250
467.7500, 467.7750, 467.8000, 467.8250

Along with FRS/GMRS as some of the FRS Channels seem to be in-use
by the Cruise ships [outside of the normal FRS users too]

Carnival seems to use the following Channel Plan,
which might help as well.

457.5250 R Ch.01
457.5500 R Ch.02
457.5750 R Ch.03
468.3250 S Ch.04
469.9500 S Ch.05
464.2750 S Ch.06
464.3000 S Ch.07
464.3250 S Ch.08

PL's have varied with each Ship.

What Date in Galveston, have you checked some of the other web sites to see what other Cruise Ships might be in Port at the same time?

Originally Posted by rbarker View Post
Does anyone have any frequencies for the Carnival Conquest.
Sailing out of Galveston, TX in Jan 2010

Cruise Ship & Maritime Frequencies <-- Has nothing
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Cruise Ship Frequencies
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