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Originally Posted by tcr03 View Post
ok i live in st. charles mo and am looking to get a portable police scanner so i can listen in on all the action.

i was looking at the uniden bc246t and was wonding if i would be happy with that one.

im very new to scanners and have been looking around alittle, but there is so much to know. digital, non digital, and trunking.

what do you think would suit my needs living where i live.

thanks in advance
You are going to be better off with a digital scanner as others have stated. St. Charles City and the Sheriffs office are both digital. There are rumors of a county wide digital system in the works, but not sure if/when it will be on line.

Either a Uniden 396, GRE PSR-500 or the Radio Shack Pro-106 will be your options. All three have their pros and cons, and I personally dont think any of them are better than the other. I have the 396 and it performs very well monitoring the St. Charles area digital systems.
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