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Originally Posted by carpetman View Post
I am having a similar issue, when on the internet, pages freeze for a few seconds then respond(like on this sight if you are using the scroll wheel). have to exit twotone to stop this from happening. Don
What do you mean "respond(like on this if you are using the scroll wheel)"?? I have noticed during the sending mail phase the program does seem to freeze the system, probably consuming a lot of CPU for just a few seconds. Other than that I have had the program running on two computers for at least a week at a time with no difficulties. I usually reboot the systems every week or 10 days just to keep the system fresh, I do this with the 4 computers that run continuously. It seems to prevent the mysterious memory leaks and system crashes. I frequently check for updates to all of the software and especially the drivers, I install over 95% of the recommended updates that windows update finds.

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