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It's my belief that D-STAR vs. P25 is a regional thing. In some parts of the country, D-STAR rules the roost while in other parts of the country P25 has more repeaters. I don't think either of them are going away anytime soon.

Other manufacturers can build D-STAR radios, they just choose not to at this time. It's not like Icom is keeping others from building a digital radio. A local ham here is working on building a homebrew/non-Icom D-STAR repeater in his basement. His goal is to have it up on UHF by Christmas. It can happen, and I think it's gonna happen.

Currently I am sticking to D-STAR since it was engineered to be more useful for amateurs and has amateur-specific features such as callsign routing, messages, and readily-accessible data programs such as D-RATS.

I think I'd be more eager to play with P25 for amateur use if I didn't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get a Motorola P25-capable radio off eBay and then buy a battery and a charger that costs an arm and a leg AND THEN find someone to program it for me. What if I need it reprogrammed in an emergency? I guess I'd be SOL. I would be game if Yaesu made a P25 radio for amateur use.
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