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Originally Posted by SOFA_KING View Post
D-STAR is not really a Blu-Ray. It is an open standard. Blu-Ray is not...Sony just wanted the fees, and now gets them. They marketed mass appeal and took advantage of the public's ignorance to the fact it was proprietary. People don't care about the old Beta vrs VHS debate anymore.
For sure. I wasn't comparing Blu-Ray to D-STAR standard-wise... I always emphasize that D-STAR is an open standard. I just see the D-STAR vs. P25 debate as competitive as Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD. Oh, the joys of being an early adopter!

Originally Posted by stateboy View Post
D-Star, unless there's an absolute need to run digital radios from Icom only, is useless in amateur radio.

There's my opinion. I'm not about to go out and spend $1000's of dollars on all these Icom D-Star radios just to talk to 5 other guys with D-Star radios. I have P25 gear because there are far more people using that protocol, and I (and others) use P25 for work also so it makes to me to have everything I need in one radio.

If you and your boys want to run D-star, then by all means have at it. However, a lot of people will not just because right now it's an Icom-only protocol, and frankly it just doesn't blow my skirt up.
WOW! When did D-STAR equipment jump in price? I picked up a ID-800H for $300 the other day. Single-band rigs are even cheaper. The most expensive is the ID-1, which I have seen go for $800. Yes, the ID-1 is overpriced for what you get, but the price is coming down. You can get into D-STAR relatively inexpensively.

I don't see any explanation of why P25 is more useful in amateur radio than D-STAR. I can't think of any possible reasons unless you just said it for the sake of saying it.

As others and myself have already said, it's not an Icom-only protocol. It is open. The plans and schematics are out there, people just have to build it. A ham here is going to have a homebrewed, non-Icom D-STAR repeater up by Christmas. Icom didn't even create D-STAR, the JARL did.

If you live in SD, I am sorry to hear that there aren't any D-STAR systems in the Dakotas. D-STAR is still new, don't count it out quite yet. I hope you have at least been exposed to D-STAR and tried it first-hand. It will catch on as more repeaters are established.
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