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Thank you for your reply....


1. 18 USC 2511 the radio communications are readily accessable to the general public their interception
is authorized.

Q: What do they mean by radio communications??? The data on the frequency? Such as Sys id and talk
group or regular voice or both?

2.Users of a frequency, have no expectation of privacy.

Q: Does this pertain to digital communications as well as analog? Trunked or not? Does this pertain to
public safety communications also?

3. Divulgment of information reguarding a users communications is protected speech under the first
ammendment. The right of privacy does not prohibit any publication of matter which is of public or
general interest.

Q: Does this pertain to public safety communications? Such as a persons SSN, address, Telephone

4. If a user wants communications that provide privacy and excludes the possibility of unknown listeners,
it should avail itself to encryption technology such that the users communications would not be readily
accesable to the general public.

Q: Interception of an encrypted users communications is illegal. Therefore is the data contained in the
control channel a form of encryption? Whether digital or analog???

Thanks for you time,
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