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Hey Andy, quick question, I could not find any reference in the help file, but is it possible to put multiple email address in the box to send the alerts to?


EDIT: N/M Andy

I found the answer to my own question:

Originally Posted by aaknitt View Post
I just uploaded a new version that has two minor improvements:

1) Allows multiple "To" email addresses for each tone set. Simply separate the addresses with a comma (no spaces)
2) Audio files are now stored in a "\data\Audio" directory instead of "\data". Note that lame.exe still needs to reside in "\data". The new Audio directory should be automatically created by the installer.

I still haven't fixed the bug that holds the audio files open...still trying to figure it out.

Also, just as a general FYI, I eventually plan on migrating to a text file (tab delimited) for tone setup in place of the input boxes, although the main screen will show what has been read in from the text file.


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