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Default Congradulating Laura Smith and Related Matters

Here is a link to an e-mail that Laura Smith sent to someone which is very admirable, and I hope for all of us, will go towards cleaning up a certain twenty meter frequency. I say this with the meaning that if we all stop responding to a certain Canadian, he'll hopefully get bored and go away, especially that Laura has been very clear that any QRM responses to a certain Canadian's antics will be met with enforcement action!

Laura made the point in her e-mail that while Mr. Madera's actions are juvenile, insensitive, and violent, there is nothing that the FCC can do about him because it is a Canadian matter as he is on the Canadian side of the fence. That is the bad news for us.

Interestingly enough, a certain "1" lander made a comment on QRZ stating that he had some sort of conversation with Laura that implied that she has a "criminal investigation" under way. After reading her e-mail, it would appear to me that maybe she is going to start her promised enforcement actions on part of the people who are being pulled into Madera's act on 14.275.00?

Laura, please do something for us so that we can have this small slice of twenty meters back again. We know you are working hard to do whatever is in your power to help the amateur community.

Here's the link, but be advised that the poster at the website has some criticism of Ms. Smith.

Laura Smith E-Mail Rant

The above link to the site is an attempt by the website owner as I can understand it, to get Madera off the air for good (a good thing). Please do not use this post for anything beyond what it is intended for. It is intended to keep my fellow amateurs abreast of the developments relating to enforcement of illegal activities on 14.275.00
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