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My personal experience with Richard was very frustrating. He was a road block to progress. I'd recruit someone for testing or programming - and have to get his approval - to get them added to the main mailing list and the beta list. It was all about him controlling who was allowed onto the mailing list (and therefore access to the files in the Files section). He didn't provide publicly accessible links to download my software until after the site was up and running.

Bottom line - there are folks wanting access to the program that - for whatever reason - weren't allowed onto Richard's mailing list.

If you download my software from my website - I know what you're getting and can vouch for it. If you have problems, you can come to me. One of my fears is that someone could pass off malware as one of my creations. The person unlucky enough to download it would blame me.

( I know - with all the bugs - you could joke that Unitrunker IS malware, but seriously ... )

The way Richard publishes my software, you have to endure the banner ads of Richard's site plus the banner ads and popups (thank god for popup blockers) of the file hosting service he uses. To be safe - you'd have to compare the download to what I've published on my website. If he would post links to my website, instead of copying my website - there would be NO issue.

The only reason I can think that he insists on doing it this way is for the ad revenue. His goal is to position himself between you and something you want. Economists call this Rent Seeking behavior. It is time to cut out the middle-man.

I've been providing trunking decoder software to the hobbyist community since April of 2002. That's more than seven years. Unitrunker has always been a free program - and will stay that way.

My apologies to the community at large. The drama here is two people disagree over who's the boss. Sorry Richard, you're not the boss of me. You don't own me - or the works I produce.

For everyone else, it should be business as usual.

On a humorous note - I've used the moniker "Yuni T. Runker" in my unitrunker email addresses (both gmail and yahoo). I carried this practice forward when I created my unitrunker account on twitter. From twitter I have learned two things ...

1. Twitter is very popular in Malaysia
2. In Malaysia, Yuni is a girl's name

Now if you will excuse me, I have some bugs to fix.
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