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Cool Call results..

Ref: FL - That's where their offices are and I lived in FL for 20+ years and knew the accent - just felt I needn't specify it here! -- Also have successfully ID'ed Indian, Manila and assorted other &^^*&% out-sourced accents.

The offer of the 30 Meg Web usage was the only tempting thing - I like Weather-related sites like WUNDERGROUND and NWS Radars, and would suck up 30 MB pretty quickly. :-(

Have NO use for texting and average use in prime-time has been 100-150 minutes/month, so my personal case dictates staying with ATT - ALSO: As I found out when I talked to them, they have a special rate for us low-use Seniors of $29.99/month for 200 Min. prime-time/500 Min. off-prime nationwide and that'll work for me. ALSO found out they can turn off ALL incoming Text messages (I get spam) with the exception of the free administrative ones !

These are financially tough times, so cut where ye' may..

Da Senior Wouff

Originally Posted by kb2vxa View Post
"After sweating through a conversation with a (nice) lady in south FL, but with an accent that was horrible..."
How do you know she was in Florida? I'll bet you she was in south India or Sri Lanka!

"I ferreted out some information, finally..."
Ain't that the case? They're extremely polite but if it's not in the script they're totally clueless, they're paid to read to you, thinking is out of the question.

"...and am staying with my current 30-buck ATT one."
That's usually the case after much frustration, either drop the "service" or don't sign up in the first place. It's bad enough they're mindless but when the tongue is rolling around marbles in the mouth you just want to SCREAM.

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