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Originally Posted by TheJerk View Post
CBas****es (yes, that's an actual forum/group name). Yep, I even know some of them. I would guess most of them are running well over 1k watts, with some running close to 5k watts. Not sure how much "trouble" they are anymore, definitely not out there like they were in the past. I haven't heard anyone proclaim they were CBA in over a year now...the CBA site is fairly dead now, and only a handful of people even frequent it.

There were a bunch of spin-off sites from the original CBA, and then there is always the "Coolbreeze Network" around Baltimore and DC.

Although I'm sure it was tiring after a while, some of the antics were actually very a stand up comedian. Although, I definitely don't hear as much of that as I once did.
O there still out there although they really don't advertise as much. Every morning I have the radio on CB19 (27.185). I usually try to call a trucker going into the Holland Hook Pier to see if the gate is back up or not. Some mornings it is so bad that I just don't say anything at all because I just won't get through. All you hear are Space Invader sounds. LOL

One time I was in my Machine we call an Empty Handler. My Radio in the machine was broken (that is the radio that plays music). There was a trucker next to me that was talking on his CB and coming through my broken radio. DID YOU EVER? My radio was broken. It was funny because every time he would key up, I would beep my horn, until I called him on the machine. He look nervous. But I was cool. I forgot what he had in there because it was a few years ago. But he had to have POWER boy. With that kind of power, I would need to jump start my car every morning. But, what are you gunna do. You see, when I ride out west I don't hear things like that. I hear CBer's helping each other out. But anyway......

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