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Times sure have changed, my days in Reading and CB in general go back before the madness, that's when Dorian S. AKA *****cat was young and oh so luscious in a white pleat skirt and pink mohair sweater but I digress. <sigh> Maybe I shouldn't have asked, I got the answer I should have expected. Speaking of expected, about 10 years ago I returned to my old stomping grounds in the VXAmobile and found my 2M rig useless. A short ride along the ridge told the story, Mount Penn turned into one gigantic antenna farm! The WRAN FM tower across the valley on the Navasink tempted me but nah, six of one and a half dozen of the other.

I'm not really that close to NYC and haven't had a real CB antenna in decades but from what I can hear it's dead as the proverbial door nail for the most part. There are but two CB antennas left in this town, one Big Stick that is probably disconnected and never removed, the other is on the mirror of an old dump truck (How appropriate is that?) with no coax. All I ever heard were a few weak ones in the Newark NJ area, the same "band masters" I knew when I lived there. Funny thing how they devastate the band with the near field but the far field is conspicuously absent, they barely get out of their own back yard with all that power... HA HA!

Consider the proof you power mad yokels golden screwdriver in hand, concentrating 5W on one channel will get you farther than splattering 500W across the band and beyond.

"I still enjoy partaking from time to time---don't tell my ham friends tho!!!"
To do so would only be redundant. (;->)

"I usually try to call a trucker going into the Holland Hook Pier to see if the gate is back up or not."
How do you manage that? I may be from Jersey but at least I know the difference between the Holland Tunnel and the Howland Hook Marine Terminal... you guys crack me up. (;->)

One last thing, will the administrators please fix that overzealous word filter? Here, censor this. (;->)

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