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Arrow bcprogtool.tcl Beta for Mac OS X 10.4+, Windows 98/XP/Vista?/7 & Linux

This TCL/Tk script will control & program your BC346XT & BCT15X

You need to have TCL/TK Version 8.5 installed. Windows users can download it from Active State

Linux Users should use their package manager to install: tcl tk wish tcllib

Mac OS X Tiger & Leopard Users can install TCL/TK using

Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.5 Binaries full Version 8.5.7
do not use the TclTkAqua Standalone version

Snow Leopard TCL/TK 8.5 is already installed.

Once you have TCL/Tk installed find out what serial port you use:
Mac OS X Install USB - Serial Port Drivers and plug in the device & Setup
In Terminal: ls -l /dev/cu.*

Windows use the device manager

ls -l /dev/ttyS? && ls -l /dev/ttyUS*

Once you have the serial port information download the program

unzip in your Home directory

Linux & Mac OS X
/usr/bin/wish ~/bcprogtool/bcprogtool.tcl

Mac OS X users can also double-click
to start bcprogtool.tcl in the Finder.

in Explorer go to the bcprogtool folder and double click bcprogtool.tcl

Read & Follow the instructions, setup the serial port communications
in the setup window. Then press the Connect button.

See the bcprogtool/setup folder for screen shots that will give examples of using the program.

This is free software released under the GPL. The file test.tcl is NOT GPL and is copyrighted software.

Please post or send me bug reports so I can fix them.
kilowattradio at gmail dot com
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Best Regards, Keith
BCT15X PRO-433 PRO-107 PRO-106 PRO-92 PRO-83 BC346XT BC245XLT BC250D TH-F6A FT897D
bcprogtool.tcl for XT

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