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Originally Posted by kycophpd View Post
This frequency is narrowband. Sounds like your scanner may be older and therefore will not technically accept the narrowband frequency (except as everyone has listed above). In 2012-2013, all public service agencies will be required to transition to narrowband if they are in VHF.
No, his Pro-405 is a newer, very basic scanner. It has fixed steps for different portions of the VHF band. The fact that the transition is still 2-3 years down the road won't make his scanner unuseable. The only way it will be bothersome, is if there is a channel set up to operate within 5Khz of the 154.410. Not likely to happen, since that would interfere with the narrow band channel. Then a purchase of a scanner that does the frequency steps will be needed. The Pro-163 base/mobile scanner is one of these. It even gives you alphatags for the frequencies.
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