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My family and I use the Boost, and is the best bet so far for the money and amount of service. My XYL and I are active with Skywarn, and receive both text and voice messages from the NWS. We used to text a lot back and forth, but now use the WT service. As was mentioned, for $50.00 each, we have unlimited text, voice, and internet. It is a little spotty at home sometimes, but we live in a rural area, and in a mobile home. We have a 15 year old daughter who uses the text almost non-stop, so what we don't use she more than makes up for. We were using the T-Mobile pre-paid, and the service was excellent, but just too costly for what we do with them, and daughter was always out of time on her phone. We still keep the T-Mobile as backups, in case there is absolutely no signal here on the Boost. We got tired of being robbed by SBC/ATT for basic service, and regular low speed internet, and did away with the land line based stuff. We are Ham's, so we can get a message out if needed, and I am still with the local FD, so I have access to help there. If Sprint/Nextel would put a few towers along this part of a U.S. Highway, like they did the State highway, service would be near perfect. The only drawback to Boost, is when the time is up, it's up!! With the T-mobile, the minutes roll over, and are good for a year from the last "reload".
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